Sweet Lemon Heaven

The Sugar Cube:

Located in a pod on se 43rd and Belmont (4237 North Mississippi Ave.), the cute little pink, white, and brown cart is hard to ignore. As soon as I walked up, the adorable cart patron greeted me with a smile. Their billboard outside defines their desserts and drinks as “sexy,” “uplifting,” and “awesome.” I knew right away this was the place for me. And they receive brownie points for their name and great service.

I ordered the “luscious lemon panna cotta.” For those of us who don’t know what panna cotta is, it is custard that is molded, with a basic ice cream base and gelatin holding any shape you want. “Silky smooth lemon cream topped with farmers market rhubarb compote and a citrus, cornmeal, and poppy seed shortbread cookie.”(From their website description)

The panna cotta itself was very mild, but nice and creamy. You can get desserts for there, or to go. If you eat there the custard comes in a cute glass jar, but she can unmold it for you if you’d like it to go. The compote was flavor packed and tangy. The shortbread cookie was my favorite, with huge lemon flavor and a great texture from the cornmeal.

The combination of a crunch cookie, smooth and creamy cold custard, and the warm tangy compote was magical. The dessert cost $6, which I thought was a little pricy for a food cart, but you probably can’t find a better deal anywhere else.

If for nothing else, go to meet the cute cart patrons. Since it’s located in a nice pod, it’s perfect for anytime, if you’d like to get a meal at another cart, and grab dessert after.

Hours are Wednesday-Saturday from noon to 7pm, and Sunday from noon until 5pm. It’s a great spot, and they offer smoothies, fizzy drinks, and shakes, as well as their desserts, and also have a special order menu.

Check out their site in my blogroll.
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