Petite Provence

Petite Provence

Again this is a cute little spot on 4834 SE Division. I did both… Mainly because a cute man offered to buy me lunch and I couldn’t refuse a free meal before my dessert.

I got two desserts. The second one was a Cream pastry. It was a rounded chocolate shell filled with ganache, pastry cream, banana, and coconut macaroon as the base. Again, I think this must be a Portland thing, because I love chocolate, but when I bite into a dessert that has other components, I want to taste them. The ganache was creamy and chocolaty, but it was all I could taste unless I ate each component separately.

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There was a light rim of toasted coconut around the edge, and a beautiful piece of chocolate coming out of the top. It was pretty, and it was good, but it was rich. I don’t think one person could eat a whole dessert from here by themselves.

I would recommend getting some of their fresh baked bread, or doughnuts over one of the desserts, unless you are a big dessert person. They also make beautiful cakes for sale, as well as candies. I hope you check out one of their locations.
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